PolyOne Corporation

PolyOne Corporation
  • Employed: June 2013 – Present
  • Position: Operational Excellence Leadership Development Program
  • Location: Global Corporate Headquarters, 33587 Walker Road
    Avon Lake OH, USA 44012
  • Phone: +1 866 POLYONE | Fax: +440 930 3064
  • Website: www.polyone.com/

My responsibilities in PolyOne Corporation, as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt include:

  • Act as the change agent to drive the culture change in the newly acquired businesses to be integrated with the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) paradigm in daily operations.
  • Lead Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt, Green Belt, Kaizen and JDI projects that span cross-functions to serve critical business need and achieve company’s four-pillar strategies in Operation Excellence, Commercial Excellence, Globalization and Specialization.


  • Quality BOM (Bill of Material) Creation (BB): As the process in evaluating, deciding upon and creating a BOM lacked proper feasibility assessment, I led a cross-functional team that targeted to improve the process. The final outcome is the creation of CREAT (Customer Request Evaluation Automation Tool) which, upon receiving a customer request, generates clear, consistent and correct product match as well as plant capability identification. Estimated financial benefit for the first 12 months is $5.85 MM.
  • RMRF Improvement (Kaizen): Designed the automated new RM (Raw Material) Request Form which complies with Food Contact Regulations (USA: FDA/FDM; EU: Resolution AP(89)1 for Pigments/Colorants, EU 10/2011; China: GB9685; SA_MERCOSUL countries: Mercosur, Anvisa), added new fields for information such as shelf life, proprietary component and 3TG Conflict Mineral, which serves to the company’s “No Surprise” commitment to customers and improves the process efficiency.


  • Global Strategic Sourcing TPU/TPV 7-Step (BB): Systematically reviewed the global spending in the defined category, worked with suppliers in identifying potential innovation opportunities and contributed to establishing strategic partnership with selected suppliers. Estimated goal of the project is 10% CR of the addressable spending ($2.9MM annually).
  • PRP (PolyOne Reliability Program) which examines Preventative Maintenance consistently.

Dell, Inc.

Dell Inc.,

  • Employed: May 2012 – Aug 2012
  • Position: Intern Graduate Sr. Adviser
  • Location: Corporate Headquarters, 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682
  • Phone: 1-800-WWW-DELL | Fax: 512.666.6666
  • Website: www.dell.com/

My responsibilities in Dell Inc., as an Intern Graduate Sr. Adviser includes:

  • Lead the Supplier Performance Metrics Project.
  • Lead the Lead-time Validation and Optimization Project.
  • Coordinate the Dell Wiki Project.

Chase Industries, Inc.

Chase Doors Industries

  • Employed: July 2009 – Aug 2011
  • Position: Senior International Buyer/Scheduler
  • Location: Corporate Headquarters, 10021 Commerce Park Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45246
  • Phone: 513.860.5565 | Fax: 513.860.0740
  • Website: www.chasedoors.com/

My responsibilities in Chase Industries, Inc. include:

  • Manage the planning of material supply for all production sites in the United States and China.
  • Serve as the liaison among Cincinnati head quarter, Redmond manufacturing site, and China office in facilitating new product development, quality improvement and logistics management.
  • Source new suppliers through B2B e-marketplace platform and expanding existing supplier base; coordinate with engineering team in site visits and vender assessment projects in China.
  • Perform monthly analysis of corporate spending and commodity pricing fluctuation for senior executives, and identify specific cost saving opportunities.
  • Constructed item planning and inventory analysis system and developed internal training program. Results optimized work efficiency and produced >50% reduction in process cycle time.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with supplier, enhanced collaborative profit-improvement model to assist suppliers in reducing costs via benchmarking and competitor analysis.
  • Oversee the smooth transfer of several product lines into China to meet new customer’s demand.
  • Coordinate the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) compliance project.
  • Obtain and analyze bids, negotiate pricing, maintain purchase orders and follow up with delivery.

Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd.

Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd.

  • Employed: August 2001 – July 2007
  • Positions:
    Global Buyer/Planner;
    Senior HR Specialist;
    Buyer/Procurement Engineer;
    Demand Planning Specialist
  • Location: 108 jian Guo Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100022, P.R.C.
  • Phone: 010-65642288| Fax: 010-65642299
  • Website: www.motorola.com.cn/

My responsibilities in Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd. included:

– As a Global Buyer [Schedule Sharing & SMI project, Network product/Site Equipment/Power supply, Integrated Supply Chain (ISC)]:

  • Outlined the schedule sharing project roadmap and detailed action plan, coordinating global counterparts with the data setting and MRP loading tests; led China to be the first site that achieved 100% 2-way non-dropship schedule sharing with suppliers.
  • Piloted Supplier Managed Inventory project which resulted in 13% reduction in rolling inventory.
  • Acted as the planner for North America site and perform weekly MRP loading for ANE products.
  • Cooperated with sourcing and engineering in new supplier development and Global Business Review with key suppliers.
  • Coached suppliers in adopting Motorola’s 6-Sigma system in quality control and improvement.
  • Awarded Outstanding Employee Service Award (in 2007) for the innovation of constructing an evaluation system to manage HR service vendors which yielded annual cost savings of $18 million.

– In the Accelerated Leadership Development Rotation Program [serving in the Human Resource Department]:

  • Acted as the in-business HR for China North region, handling day-to-day HR responsibilities including payroll and compensation.
  • Conducted annual performance management evaluation, handled employee appealing and other ER function responsibilities.
  • Participated in policy study focus group in Employee Relation (ER) platform, collect feedback to prepare for new policy launch.
  • Led Human Resource Quality of Service project, designed HR service vendor performance assessment system.
  • Cultivated and maintained positive relationship with external service vendors.
  • Assisted the integration of China into Motorola global internal HR website.
  • Bravo Award (in 2006), Corporate HR

– As a Buyer, [Champion of Internal Quality Audit, ISC]

  • Led the Internal Quality Audit Procurement Session of Integrated Supply Chain of networks
  • Produced action plan in collaboration with Tianjin plant which raised ANE On-time Delivery (OTD) from 71% to 83% in year 2005.
  • Conducted regular Cost Reduction (CR) negotiation and drafted monthly CR report.
  • Attended S&OP meeting for updated forecast and schedule sharing information to generate forecast to key suppliers.
  • Awarded Best Buyer (in 2005) and Bravo Award (in 2004) by VP of Asia Pacific Supply Chain.
  • Developed and maintained strategic partnership with key suppliers.
  • Handled purchase order fulfillment and data maintenance.

– As a Project Administrator, [Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)]

  • Served as liaison between China factory, purchasing and account teams in Japan and India.
  • Coordinated cross-functional departments, including Account Management, Planning, Purchasing, Logistics, and Finance, to ensure on time delivery and inventory control.
  • Maintained sales order in Oracle and prepared bi-weekly order fulfillment report.