My name is Yujia, but I have also adopted the name Sabrina since it is more accessible to my friends and colleagues in the United States and Europe.

I am an LSS Master Black Belt at PolyOne Corporation where I act as a change agent that relentlessly drives continuous improvement by utilizing Lean and Six Sigma methodology.

In May 2013, I graduated from the Smeal College of Business with an MBA in Supply Chain Management and Finance. My ability to conduct analysis of real-time operational data and work with people from different cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds owes much to my graduate study in quantitative analysis and workforce development at the University of Cincinnati.

Prior to coming to the United States, I was working for Motorola in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. The exposure to an English-based working environment in Motorola along with the desire to further develop my communication skills also prompted me to pursue graduate studies in English & Literature at the China Foreign Affairs University. Upon my graduation I became an interpreter certified by the Ministry of Personnel, People’s Republic of China. My role as a freelance interpreter further broadened my horizon in various business operations associated with different industries.

My interest in business administration, and more specifically in supply chain management, can be traced back to my undergraduate years as a student majoring in International Economics and Trade at the China Foreign Affairs College.